Donnerstag, 10. November 2011


Sorroway blowsy ten foot tzenhosus got tro be tenner fallow moose while life gores on everything is experimaental Got a Manc Bee Gee up my sleeve With a Manx cat in tow Hairy scary gogg gone low
Myrical bllood twiating singers mire calllow believe me repreive me tenfoot down my street give me strength to so stand ugly as a stand up comedian hearsaying great songs lluled by the exquisite corps da dada ing da da da da ed daiasm haoverreed re vonn nah spill foot on my beans where Auster sings oy

Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

Mistake siences

A social scientist 
Making social maths
Crossing out the maps
Of nonexistence hanging
Left to dry
To bleed ourselves dry
Our we  feeling
Your us feeling
Their sense of us
Common Wir-Gefühl
sets us them you me part
The lines that mustn't be crossed
Cross out any crossword puzzle
Tick off your jugsaw béfore
You becking ticking
Like the rest of the best or
The Best of the rest not to confuse
With the best of the best or
The rest of the rest no mistaking
Take the naxt take mistake
the nexrt mistake for the top best mistake
Mistaking a miss for a shoe

Random 2 Zufall1 - Schwarze Nächte

Schwarze Nächte sind lang
 Sinn lang trübe Tasse
 Leichtsinn Uni helme pilot pilot
 Rio ulm Noah myslalem
 Oecd obert show 
skiklub m m Mond eck nur hilft1
 Bekommt nahe magie

Random 1 Slam lazy

Slam kill gig lazy
 Tut almond plummet
 Illness load slomka
 Admonition llows plug
 Log jute tells silly
 New miss lady wolves
 Airlock wrap rib point 
Via fall woe akin

Grey mouse

Grey mouse over my keys
 Hunting chasers like a hurricane
 Let's see some chases in a marrow word 
Armed like a willow came to the best you ca
 Drowning with sigh sighs Of relief wholemeal


Witches in my head
 Going circles 
Pay on ignorance 
Relieve no remonstrance
 Relieve remembrance
 Deliver chance
 For this is a happenstance
 Say what you say
 If you peek in the mirror 
You'll see an oddball unhinged

Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

Bright new Titanic day

Angry ships posted
Think again it may go
this day or yesterday
 All buried in a hole
Whole burglars among us
 Leave no self esteem
Ego tripped training
 to be a conscient obeyor
Under suns golden coco palms
With sweet nuts of amnesias
Amnesiacs give you the mania
Maniac püanic going Titanic
Welcome the new day
Inhalt wird fabriziert ungeniert
Shals zerrren Punks an den Händen
Ommas wandern aus Weichen den klebrigen Händen
Massenstreik der Massentierhaltung medial abbbereitet
Mit Massenmedien zensiert welch traues Völchen geriert sich da


Grey hazard by stakes blogged to death when no takes taken B e free with your malstice
Such supper greedy gets blowing dull crorr